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Services Provided
Equipment Rental (Delivered) - We have an assortment of the must useful "tools of the trade" that 
you may need for many projects.  You can rent a particular tool, or the whole trailer.  Whatever fits 
your project needs.

Custom, Professional Landscape Designs - Zig Ziggler said, "If you aim for nothing, you'll hit it 
every time."  We can help ensure you're working toward a well-defined vision.  We can provide you with a professionally designed plan for a particular project, or for your whole property.  You can work from a plan the pros would be using.

Professional On Site Training - We can train you on how to install any landscape aspect you'd like to accomplish.

Rock & Edging - We can help you put in that great looking rock bed you've been looking for.  This often sets the stage for a range of things to display within it, while providing a handy border for mowing.

Trees, Plants, & Shrubberies - We can help show you the proper depth to plant a given plant, or even just help you lift what can often be quite heavy trees.  In addition, we have the expertise to recommend when various plants will be in bloom, so plan for your look year-round.

Retaining Walls - We can share our experience with various types of retaining walls, and the proper way to install them so you get a solid foundation.  We can help in choosing the right type of brick for your project, or help you put in that boulder wall you've had in mind.

Water Features - We can share our experience at installing things like ponds, waterfalls, etc. into your landscape.

Irrigation System Repair & Maintenance - If you have an existing irrigation system, we can help train you on its settings, or on how to repair things when a pipe or spray head gets broken.

Shrubbery Trimming - Whether it's cleaning things up for the fall, or trimming the bushes coming into spring, we can help you shape your existing greenery.
The important thing to remember about these services is we can help you as much or as little as you would like.  

1. If you'd just like to rent the proper equipment and take it from there, then enjoy!  

2. If you'd like us to train you on the use of the equipment and take it from there, no problem.

3. If you'd like us to stay with you until you feel comfortable, we're more than willing.

4. If you'd like us there the whole way through, we'd love to.

The point is, YOU are the foreman!  It's up to YOU!  Help You Landscape is a company that is focused in working 
WITH you to accomplish your landscaping visions.